Valencia, Valencian Community, es
Company: ADM
Category: Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Published on 2021-06-12 22:04:24

Job Description

The position is a Lab Technician in the Bioprocess Unit (Scale-Up Laboratory).
Main Responsibilities
- Preparation of fermentation equipment both at laboratory and pilot plant level (cleaning, sterilisation, routine maintenance, calibration).
- Preparation and operation of the fermentation processes both at laboratory and pilot plant level (preparation of culture media, inoculum preparation, inoculum, sampling).
- Analytical control of fermentation processes (e.g. microbiological control, biochemical determinations).
- Accurate and organised record keeping of fermentations and preservation of samples of all raw materials and finished products.
- Use of pressurised equipment: pilot plant boiler and fermenters.
- Use of solid-liquid separation equipment: tangential filtration, ceramic cartridge filtration and centrifuges.
- Carrying out routine maintenance and calibrations on all laboratory equipment.
- Preparation of samples for shipment to customers and/or external laboratories. 
- Inventory control of the laboratory and pilot plant. 
- Working under GMP conditions to obtain finished product (records, process validation, process implementation).

The Candidate
- Possess a minimum qualification as a Senior Laboratory Technician.

  • Experience in fermentation processes, use of bioreactors and pressure and recovery equipment will be a plus.

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